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"Larkin's pure, clear music will make you aware of the pace of your life and provide you with the space to return to the natural rhythms of the cosmos." Timitheo, Music from the Hearts of Space.

Larkin Stentz

Flutes, Hammer Dulcimer, and More

Larkin's contributions as musician, storyteller, and humanitarian and his lifetime efforts towards sustainability for our planet are both locally and globally recognized. His performances are as original as he is, always entertaining, memorable, and magical.

Through ancient and timeless melodies, stories, and poetry Larkin evokes the alignment of the audience and planet Earth, orchestrating an open mindfulness that resonates deeply; creating inspiration and joy.

His most notable recording, O'cean (oh-see-on) flute music through Larkin, has sold over 100,000 copies. It has been used internationally for meditation, birthing, dance, and end of life transition.

Photos Courtesy - Steve Frost

& the Daily Astorian

Larkin has performed in 15 countries on 3 continents.

• Featured at the 3rd World Wilderness Conference in Findhorn, Scotland

• Multi-media “Earthlight” World Tour

• Benefits for Greenpeace International; World Wilderness Organization in South Africa

• Peace conference on the island of Lanzarota, Canary Islands: Economics of Happiness International conferences.

Available for:

Gatherings, House Concerts, Memorial Services, Ceremonial Musicales or Conference Performances. 


Contact Larkin to schedule via email:

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